Key question: do I need to ask permission from website visitors before using Google Analytics? This is a web developer’s guide, describing what GA is, how it relates to the law, and suggests some potential implementations. How Google Analytics works5082483416

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I recently needed to present a map on a website so that visitors could choose their region (i.e. a group of countries, which could be arbitrary) before going into the site. After a little playing around, I settled on a solution Read more…

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LocoSound is now available for mobile devices (no installation required) to provide sound effects for DC model railways. We all know there are plenty of options for adding realistic sound to a DCC layout, but for those of us using Read more…

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When creating a website, it’s important to know what’s working and (even more importantly) what isn’t. That’s where logging comes in. Yes, logging, that oft-forgotten art. But, as Guillaume at Logmatic quite rightly points out, “PHP logs in particular are NOT Read more…

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Last night I transformed an old Hornby goods shed into something new. It was a pretty standard building in the Hornby range, with its recognisable shape and brick texture, and I decided that needed changing. I don’t want my railway Read more…

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